Process Partner and Extended Learning Apps

Right Things
Done Right

Becoming more effective just got easier

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Becoming more effective just got easier

Make Sense with Menntor

Menntor is a software service that lets you create and publish apps that make better sense of your business. Extended Learning apps transform the value of your training budget and Process Partner apps save you time and money whilst delivering better outcomes.

And you don't need technical skills to do it.

Menntor Makes Sense

Menntors are web apps accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere.

  • Extended Learning

    Improve personal development and reduce training costs using Menntor Extended Learning apps to deliver training at the place and time it will be most effective

  • Process Partner

    Save time and money by making sure the right things get done at the right time, every time. Always with the right version of a form and other content that supports the process or activity

  • You take control

    Reduce timescales and investment when responding to changed or new requirements for your business. Modify existing apps while they're in use and publish new ones in hours

  • Forms made easy

    Simplify every aspect of forms in your business. The easy to use drag and drop form creator means you can publish a new form with a defined process flow in minutes

  • Compliance by default

    Make your business operations compliant by default by ensuring process is followed to the letter. Detailed audit records mean you can evidence compliance whenever required

  • Working Excellence

    Eliminate mistakes and deliver quicker and better outcomes in your business. Menntor apps make sure your get the right things done right to meet desired standards and outcomes

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Right Things Done Right

Process Partner Apps

Apps that reflect your business processes and ensure that everyone involved does their bit the right way and at the right time. Users are notified when required and clear instructions along with the current form and associated content mean mistakes are eradicated, time is saved and the outcome is what you need.

There couldn't be a more cost effective way of getting better results for less effort.

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Extended Learning

Training is usually conducted at a
different time and a different place
from the behaviours it seeks to modify



Guidance and direction on the content contained and the topic covered


Include short video clips delivering tutorials and training presentations


Papers and articles explaining the topic and offering alternative learning styles

Mobile Learning App on Smartphone


Direct access to other relevant information sources gets the learner to where they need to be instantly


Learners organise the content to suit preferred learning styles


A record of learner activity lets the app owner see what is being used and aids CPD

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Easy, Effective and Affordable

From as little as £5 per user per month, you won't find an easier way to get better value out of your training budget or a more effective way of delivering better outcomes from your business processes

  • Easy

    Creating your own apps is very straightforward, quick and easy and requires no specific technical know-how.

    Drag and drop fields onto your forms, add instructions, FAQs, media and other content to your app.

    When it's ready, publish and say who can use it.

  • Effective

    Whether a Process Partner or Extended Learning app, your users have everything they need at their fingertips, right when they need it.

    It's like having a mentor with you all the time, teaching, guiding and helping you.

    The result is improved effectiveness because people get on with the job instead of trying to find out how to get on with it

  • Affordable

    The monthly subscription means you won't be sticking your neck out.

    There are no infrastructure costs and you don't need implementation or consultancy services.

    Furthermore, the speed with which you can begin deploying solutions means the benefits come fast on the heels of your first subscription payment

  • Try it for free

    You can download the Menntor Mobile app for free from the AppStore or Google PlayStore.

    Register for free via the app and and receive an email with a free trial code.

    Enter this code into the Menntor Mobile app to experience ways Menntor apps can make a difference for your business.

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